Steep Slope House Plans

Sloped sites go hand-in-hand with scenic views. This is one of the primary reason people build houses on sloping terrain.

that the longest pier would be 30 ft but the house is 36 ft deep which means the slope is pretty steep. This House Rocks: Hilltop Home Cut into Steep Stone Slope.

This is not your typical retirement home. On a side note here, the backyard to this home is on an extremely steep grade.

You may want to take a look at that design as well – Steep Slope Landscape Design. Contemporary Home Design in Portugal – Steep Slope Home.

Roof with one low, steep slope and an upper, less-steep one on each of its two sides, giving the look of a traditional American hay barn. While these steep slope areas may provide great opportunities for home sites, they also present The need for a woodland management plan on wooded steep slope areas.

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Landscaping steep slopes can be a challenge. The 55m x 16m site of this house is located on the hill near to the Tenório Beach, Ubatuba.

It's 28m above the beach on a large and steep slope. The particular house is being built on the steep slope of Latin America mountainous land.

Plan B Architects is managing the slope as house building site. build+house+on+steep+slope on Architecture and Design News – Nikiomahe.

CAN YOU DESIGN A BUILDING FOR A STEEP SLOPE ? Gradual slopes are not usually a problem and some areas have prohibited building on steep slopes. Results 1 – 10 of about 12 news and pictures for the search terms: house design on steep slope.